Learning Curves: from Overlapping Discrete Boundaries – Asia

project by alessandro Carboni

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Overlapping Discrete Boundaries is an interdisciplinary research project by Alessandro Carboni that explores the urban transformations in specific places, cities and territories around the globe: a meditation on the changes in contemporary society through a study on the body and its anthropological and socio-cultural transformations in urban space. The first stage of the project, Learning Curves was developed in Asia in 2010. The research focuses on the relationship of city and human landscape transformation around urban Asian rivers. The research has been produced in the frame of “Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts” with the support of the Cultural Program of the European Commission and Nao – Nuovi Autori Oggi. The trip, which lasted six months, reached some urban areas of the city of Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Part of the research in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok still on going process. During the trip, Alessandro Carboni has used an interdisciplinary methodology of mapping and analysis of urban space, which he invented, which runs through the visual arts, performance, architecture, urban sociology, cognitive science and new technologies. A “haptic topography” which has shifted from time to time, in various procedural stages, in the specific urban contingencies. The materials, text, urban actions, images, video interviews and reports, produced and collected during the periods of residence in urban areas, have been collected within an archive. After the research period, Alessandro, taking inspiration by the collected materials, produced the work Lau Nay: a performance in collaboration with the Japanese performer Sayaka Kaiwa. The work has been presented in festivals and contemporary art museums. A 45 minutes video documentary was also created, already presented at cinema reviews and video documentaries. A laboratory and a number of conferences presenting the project have already been presented at various universities in Italy and abroad. The results of the first stage of research have opened up new questions about the role of artistic practice as the production of thought not only aesthetic, or assumptions related to usability, but as an agent capable to reflect and also to create changes, transformations and mutations of everyday urban space.

Alessandro Carboni, biography

Interdisciplinary artist, he addresses his research paths that always involve multiple domains and that draw from both the theoretical and practical studies. His experience, gained as a visual artist and performer, focuses on the body and its relationship with space. Its practices were consolidated over the years through a method of composition that approaches similar paths in science (particularly some of the research carried out in architecture, urban geography, cognitive processes and complex systems science). In recent years he has developed several projects, videos, exhibitions and performances through long stays in Europe, Hong Kong, India and China. In his projects, the artist is supported by collaborations with performers, researchers, planners, architects and sociologists, creating work platforms that become essential elements in the design process. He takes on the role of mediator among different linguistic registers, between a survey field and another, between  complementary figures and strategic roles. He teaches and conducts research at the School of Architecture in Hong Kong, the Central Saint Martin’s University of Art in London, Naba in Milan and the Faculty of Architecture of Cagliari, where he coordinates the LaDU – multidisciplinary media lab of urban density. He recently began to a collaborative research project Complex Body Networks with Department of Phisics of the University of Cagliari. www.alessandrocarboni.org

Formati Sensibili – art&science mashups

Formati Sensibili is an independent production company for artistic and scientific research. Their activities are aimed at supporting and promoting projects in the most varied and innovative forms of research. Formati Sensibili is comprised of a team of professionals working together with scholars, artists and scientists, collectives, companies and research laboratories with the aim of developing innovative high quality projects, and follow each stage of the process: research, concept design, production and post-production www.formatisensibili.it


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