Learning Curves, Seoul – SOUTH KOREA

from Overlapping Discrete Boundaries – Asia

project by alessandro Carboni

Location: 37° 33′ 59.53″ N, 126° 58′ 40.69″ E

The Han River is the lifeline of the city of Seoul. It is over 1 km wide along the section traversing the center core of the city, dividing older (north) section of the city from the new (south) CBD. The city of Seoul is one of the most densely occupied cities in Asia, and the need for corresponding infrastructure had given rise to the ubiquitous highways along both sides of the Han River and some 18 bridges for motor vehicles and trains. As the city encroaches ever nearer to both banks of the River, public accessibility and the condition along these banks are ever compromised. The city has been embarking on a series of recovery programs to return much of the banks and islets on the river to public use and recreation in spite of the retention of these highways and worsening traffic congestion along them. The most recent completion of the Seonyeudo Island from the site of a water purification plant to a public park showcasing natural water filtration through plant medium and connection to the burgeoning riverbank park system is just one such highlights.


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