Alessandro Carboni: concept, research and making


Formati Sensibili (Italy)


Nanihin Art Centre, Foshan

Kaitat River Project, Hong Kong

1a Space Art Gallery, Hong Kong

Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei

Switch On, Kuala Lumpur

HanoiSoundstuff Festival, Hanoi

Asia tour management:

NoiseAsia, Hong Kong


Focus on Art and Science in the  Performing Arts, with the support of the Cultural Program of the European Commission

Nao – Nuovi Autori Oggi

School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dept. of Architecture, Tamkang University, Taipei


Jianan Qu, Saiaka Kaiwa: dance

Dickson Dee: urban exploration and music

Emanuele Lomello: technical director

Z25/Machiel Veltkamp: software and programming

Enzo Sivillo Fascetto: lighting design

Alessia Meloni: assistance and logistics

Riccardo Mantelli: software and making of “urban proximity detector”

Kembo: video documentation and photo in asia tour

Elisa Poli: scientific contribution

Prof. Wallace CHANG Ping-hung: scientific contribution and mentoring


LaDU / Urban Density Lab-Faculty of Architecture, Cagliari

Festival Fabbrica Europa, Firenze

Digital D3D_Master Environment_NABA, Milano

Media Partner:



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